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Oxford Street-Project

A Wining combination of professional project team on-site, operational and marketers, ZBS International aim to build, monitor, market and manage world-class project management during pre-design, design and execution phase to its winning sales and marketing strategies. Our experienced professionals ensures that the project will be completed on-time, within budget and according to international quality standards, realistic schedules for design and construction Optimized design and execution process.

ZBS International - Refining the Future..

ZBS International is a prestigious company enjoying a very good reputation for their diverse and specialized role in project management and real estate marketing. We also liaison among the organizations for our various ventures, both for our local as well as international clients.The company has a vast client-base in foreign countries, specifically in United Kingdom and Europe. Therefore, ZBS International is in collaboration with Shalimar Town-A Islamabad Based Housing Project, as Exclusive ‘Marketing and Liaison Partners’ and aims to deliver this specific project i.e. ‘Royal Heights’ situated at the Oxford Street, to the valued clients interested to make this place as their next dream destination to live with comfort and luxury. For further information, a dedicated website is also designed, containing the details of this project. Please visit: We warmly welcome you to this unique project where ‘Lifestyle is Beyond Imagination’.
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